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Re: slapo-memberof across proxy

> Hello list,
> With this type of setup,
> Client (A) <-----> back_ldap Proxy (B) <-----> syncrepl Slave (C)
> <-----> Master (D)
> I have configured the memberof overlay on both (C) and (D). I am able to
> query both (C) and (D), either to specifically retrieve the memberof
> attribute or to perform a query which filter is based on the memberof
> attribute. All works fine with (C) and (D)
> If i issue the same type of queries from (A) to (B), i'm able to
> retrieve the memberof attribute alright *BUT* i cannot perform searches
> which contain the memberof attribute on the query filter.
> Does (B) need any special configuration so that back_ldap can cope with
> the memberof overlay available on the backend servers?

memberOf must be known to the proxy.  This attribute is registered by
slapo-memberof(5) during initialization, so all you need to do is load the
overlay in the proxy's configuration, without instantiating it.