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Re: OpenLDAP mirror replication ldif format


Read that, but you're really better off reading the whole manual from
front to back before moving forward. I used the above doc to set up
replication, and I'm still fairly new to OpenLDAP.

Also, you're better off learning to use cn=config rather than the
slapd.conf setup.

On Wed, Jun 29, 2011 at 12:17:10PM +0200, Simon Massart wrote:
>    Hi there,
>    I recently installed a new Debian 6 and OpenLDAP to test the new ldif
>    format configuration.
>    The problem is that I do not have any base configuration to use slaptest
>    to migrate my config to ldif format.
>    My main concern is now to find a manual/tutorial, to be able to setup a
>    mirror replication with ldif format, because all I can find is using the
>    old slapd.conf.
>    Can anyone point me somewhere, where I could find some help or give my a
>    quick example ?
>    Thanks in advance for any return,
>    Sismon