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Re: How to perform windows domain authentication with openldap

On 24/06/11 13:58 +0800, Jintao Fang wrote:
I am trying to develop a ldap client with openldap and cyrus-sasl, there is
one feature that user can directly sign to the ldap server if he is in a

Does anyone have used openldap like this?

Thanks a lot.

If your goal is to simply authenticate a user against an active directory
via ldap, one of these approaches should work (or by using similar
parameters via code):

ldapsearch -Y digest-md5 -U jsmith -H ldap:// <filter>

kinit jsmith@ADDOMAIN.COM
ldapsearch -Y gssapi -H ldap:// <filter>

The following will also work with saslauthd (/etc/saslauthd.conf):

ldap_servers: ldap://
ldap_use_sasl: yes
ldap_mech: DIGEST-MD5

If that doesn't address your question, please provide additional details,
such as a deployment scenario.

Dan White