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slapd "vs." db_archive


I tried to use 'db_archive' to figure, which of those many log.* files already accumulated I can safely remove.
Unluckily it didn't print any name, albeit there're 170 file and according to 'fuser log.*' only the last one is 
held open by a process (the slapd one).

After restarting slapd db_archive prints 169 file names, to be precise all but the last.

So it seems slapd keeps used BDB in a state it does not release the logs for archival and removal.

I assume it's me that has to configure slapd or BDB environment appropriately, but unluckily I don't know which 
setting would have the desired effect.

Any help on this? I tried to find something in Admin Guide and man pages, but I must have missed it.
I only saw auto remove settings, which is not what I was out for ... I want to remove by myself, after keeping a backup for recovery.

I'm using OpenLDAP 2.4.20 compiled against Berkeley 4.7.

Thank for any help,
and regards,