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Re: schema replication problems with test059-slave-config

I'm assuming that my schema sync config issues are related to the mirrormode configuration I have not working well with the additional sync of the cn=schema,cn=config tree into cn=config,cn=slave.

So I'm looking for other ways to have a single authoritative schema source that replicates to all locations.


I have a pair of MirrorMode servers syncing cn=config between themselves. Also on these servers is a cn=config,cn=slave which also sync in a MirrorMode setup. Then there are a number of Consumer servers that syncrepl cn=config,cn=slave with a suffixmassage into their local cn=config databases.

Initially, there was a syncrepl on the mirrormode servers that synced cn=schema,cn=config into cn=schema,cn=config,cn=slave. But this is failing (I'm presuming do to a conflict over use of the contextCSN, with the mirrormode syncs)

So what are my options for keeping cn=schema,cn=config on the consumers in sync with cn=schema,cn=config on the mirrormode providers?