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Re: experiences creating load-balanced/HA OpenLDAP clusters

2011/6/15 David N. Blank-Edelman <dnb@ccs.neu.edu>:
> Hi-
> I'm in the process of building out our next revision of an OpenLDAP cluster (a master, several slaves, and a load balancer HA pair to distribute the workload to these servers). I was curious if anyone who has done a similar thing with open source software would be willing to share their experiences?
> I've combed the archives and it seems like the last time this topic came up here was around two years ago. I'm not sure the choices have changed much since then, but just in case I thought I'd ask to get a sense of the current "state of the art". At the moment I'm thinking about either doing a Pacemaker + HAproxy setup or just an updated version of our current ultramonkey setup (LVS + heartbeat + ldirectord). Does anybody have a config they particularly like/dislike?


I personally use Heartbeat and HAproxy to create a failover
configuration, for 2 OpenLDAP multimaster instances with mirror mode.
The failover behavior in HAproxy is possible with the "backup" keyword
in the configuration.