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retrieving dn via proxy ldap


I'm having trouble retrieving the DN, and only the DN, when using the
'ldap' back end to proxy my master directory database.

2656$ ldapsearch -LLL -x -w apass -D "uid=test,ou=admin" -b "ou=test" '(uid=auser)'
dn: yDirectoryID=442E65DA-678E-BEB5-3378-56331AEE1AA0,ou=test
eduPersonPrimaryAffiliation: staff
sn: Peterson

2657$ ldapsearch -LLL -x -w apass -D "uid=test,ou=admin" -b "ou=test" '(uid=auser)' 1.1

Why would I not see the DN when asking for just 1.1?


Ron Peterson
Network & Systems Administrator
Mount Holyoke College