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Re: Combining dynlist + memberOf overlay?

Failed to send yesterday, re-trying.

On 1 June 2011 10:37, Gerry Calderhead <gerry@everythingsucks.co.uk> wrote:

What we're trying to achieve is:
  Multiple organisations (Company, ThirdParty).
  Groups, under each organisation, where their members can be added to gain access to tools (such as JIRA).
  dynlist aggregates membership of organisations groups into a "super" group of all users with access to tools.

  e.g.   all_jira_users = Company.jira_users + ThirdParty.jira_users

We use a dynlist to acheive this.

However we are unable to perform a search for memberOf=<dynlist>.

Should this work or are we flogging a dead horse?
Can it be achieved by another standard-ish mechanism?

Wisdom gratefully received.