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RE: OpenLDAP search filters

Thanks for the answer Reinaldo, 
Sorry, maybe I wasn't explicit enough..

I have, say, 3 user objects, with names User1, User2 and User3.
Under AD, a user browse filter for this would be:
that would search for 
(objectClass=user OR objectClass=organizationalUnit) AND (cn  contains "User")

But the AD object has the property objectClass and cn, and I know that values for objectClass can be "user" or "organizationalUnit" in my case. 
I don't know the structure of an object in OpenLDAP, to know what property would replace e.g. objectClass and cn, and what values they might have.

This might be a very simple thing, my problem is that I don't have access to an OpenLDAP environment, which makes it more difficult. With an LDAP browser I could just look at the objects, see the properties and values, and figure out what would work as filter. But without access to the environment, I don't even know how an object looks like, and what properties it has.
I was hoping maybe there was a list somewhere, similar to this one for Active Directory, where I could just see the properties that exist:


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On Thu, May 19, 2011 at 8:08 AM, Anita Luca <anlu@netop.com> wrote:
> Hello all,
> I need to replace the standard AD filters with OpenLDAP filters. 
> Basically, I assume that what changes is the value of the property (e.g.
> objectType=user might become objectType=person or any other value, not 
> sure what OpenLDAP works with).

How to create a "filter" if we don't know the "entries"?

Reinaldo de Carvalho

"While not fully understand a software, don't try to adapt this software to the way you work, but rather yourself to the way the software works" (myself)