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Re: Should multiple cn entries in a dn be accepted?

On 27. mai 2011 07:36, Ian Collins wrote:
I am trying to import data from another server into OpenLDAP and I've
hit a snag with some dns which contain multiple cn entries:


ADD is failing with error 32 (No such object):

conn=1005 op=1236 ADD dn="cn=Service.Admin,ou=groups,o=staff,dc=client"
conn=1005 op=1236 RESULT tag=105 err=0 text=
conn=1005 op=1237 ADD

conn=1005 op=1237 RESULT tag=105 err=32 text=

Should this be accepted?

There's no built-in or RFC constraints saying that a CN can't be a branch node (or parent node). Multiple CNs in a DN is valid. This should not be the reason it's failing.

If your log extract is an attempt to illustrate the problem, it obviously fails:

1) you create "cn=Service.Admin" supposedly as a parent object

2) you create "cn=Services_PM_Champions" as a child object under "cn=Services_PM_Team".

However, "cn=Services_PM_Team" is not "cn=Service.Admin".

You should make sure "cn=Services_PM_Team,ou=groups,o=staff,dc=client" exists.