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Re: (ITS#6666) Feature Request: Triggers implementation

On 23/5/2011 11:18 ÎÎ, Maarten Vanraes wrote:

in my case, atm, i handle stuff via the shell script and decide if i do
something for this modified DN or not.

Thanks Maarten,

When you think you are ready to allow others to have a look at it and test it, please be kind to give us a notice.

It sounds like a very interesting and flexible tool.

Without such a tool, one has no alternative than to use a cron job to scan the directory periodically for modifications of the required attributes (that's what I am currently doing). This works well in my case, because I have a relatively small DIT, but this method doesn't scale well (when you have thousands of entries to scan periodically), and I am thinking in a more global perspective than my own case.

Of course one could also use back-sock to develop something, as suggested, but I haven't looked at it yet in depth; the solution I am currently using is more straightforward to me. Yet, I am also looking at something that can become more formal, which, when approved and added to openldap standard distribution, will serve a whole group of developers by enabling a wide range of applications which require triggers (like, for example, PowerDNS Notify support ["Master" functionality] in the LDAP backend).

I feel we should contribute to the future of OpenLDAP and LDAP in general, adding our little piece, if we can. That's why I raised the issue of trigger mechanism standardization across the industry in a previous message.

All the best,