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OpenLDAP search filters

Hello all,


I need to replace the standard AD filters with OpenLDAP filters. Basically, I assume that what changes is the value of the property (e.g. objectType=user might become objectType=person or any other value, not sure what OpenLDAP works with).


Below the queries on AD:


User search filter:                            (objectClass=user)

User attribute:                                  sAMAccountName

User browse filter:                          (|(objectClass=user)(objectClass=organizationalUnit))

Group search filter:                         (objectClass=group)

Group attribute:                               member

Group browse filter:                       (|(objectClass=group)(objectClass=organizationalUnit))

User member of attribute:          memberOf

OU search filter:                               (objectClass=organizationalUnit)


Hope you can help with a suggestion, or at least a list of properties and values for objects, where I could search.



Anita Luca