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Re: MirrorMode vs MultiMaster Questions

Ben Rockwood wrote:

> I want a 2-Way Multimaster in which I can send
> writes to either.  And it in practice you can, but you're not (according
> to the docs) supposed to.  Its like the authors didn't trust their own
> synchronization code.  I can only infer that there might be problems in
> high write environments to 2 nodes... from which I further infer that
> for environments using LDAP for NIS-Replacement where writes are very
> rare its not a practical problem.  In this type of setup I just want
> basic HA, I don't want load balancers and multiple shadows, just 2
> slapds in A/A config.

It sounds like you want a fully synchronized replication. I'll admit I
haven't ever set up replication in OpenLDAP. Some other LDAP-servers use a
loose consistency model of replication, which means if you write to node A
and then read from node B, you might do your read before the change on A
has been replicated, for example. One way around this (kind of) is by
putting a LDAP proxy in front, with some session stickyness.

Eivind Olsen