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Re: Auth problem with openldap and nss_ldap


problem has been solved, thank you.

Since I was using slackware without PAM, I wasn't able to
auth as an ldap user. nsswitch.conf was good, nss_ldap was
installed but I needed PAM for the auth part.
  After installing PAM and having it configured, auth is working.
I now need to recompile most of my files in order to get su, ssh and
other programs to work with LDAP auth (and PAM).

Thank you,

	Johnny PINSON

Le 05/10/2011 03:01 PM, Johnny PINSON a écrit :

I installed an openldap client and nss_ldap on a linux computer running
slackware. Then I modified /etc/nsswitch.conf, adding ldap to authentify
thanks a ldap server.

The commands "getent password" and "id" are working. When I'm root and
doing a "su $user", I'm able to su as $user. But, if I try to log in as
$user, I get everytime an "invalid password".

What can I do please to get i working? Would you need copy of my config

Thanks a lot,