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Re: MirrorMode vs MultiMaster Questions

Hi Ben!

My understanding of this (based on an earlier discussion here on this
list) is that MultiMaster is more of a concept than a technology.

IIRC, then you have to set MirrorMode to true in MultiMaster as well.


On Mon, 16 May 2011 01:24:45 -0700, Ben Rockwood <benr@cuddletech.com>
> I'm having some problems understanding the subtleties of MirrorMode vs
> MultiMaster configurations.  Any help with the following questions would
> be helpful:
> 1) It looks like the only real difference between a MirrorMode and
> Multimaster configuration is whether or not the RIDs are different.  In
> MirrorMode both sides have the same rid, in Multimaster they are
> different.  Is that so?
> 2) Passing through the code, "MirrorMode" is really "Single Master" and
> MultiMaster is just "not Single Master".  But the code path to determine
> whether it is single master or not confuses me.  How does slapd actually
> determine this? 
> 3) For MultiMaster, the docs show using syncrepl to replicate cn=config
> and the directory (or directories if you have more than one)
> independently.  Is it really necessary to replicate cn=config if the
> configuration isn't changing?  (What I'm really looking for here is to
> find out if there is state information in cn=config thats being used or
> if its simply a good idea to ensure the configs are the same by using
> syncrepl.)
> Thanks,
> benr.