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Re: masking LDAP search responses

Which values are returned is part of the ldap query.  Play around with ldapsearch.  I suspect there's an easier answer available.

- chris

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Please ignore my question, I have it sussed.

I needed to put the rwm config after ldap-back (which I did) but BEFORE
the ACLs, things are now working as expected.



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> Subject: masking LDAP search responses
> Hi,
> I have an OpenLDAP to AD proxy up and running, and want to restrict
> data being returned when a search has completed.
> For example if I search for cn=abc1 I get a full response of all data
> held in our AD for that CN, ie:
> filter: (cn=abc1)
> dn: cn=abc1......
> displayName: Andrew Bertram Carlisle
> objectClass: person
> mail:  abc1@mydomain.com
> MEMBEROF: OU=.......
> homeDirectory: \\fileserver1.myad.mydomain.com\abc1
> .
> .
> .
> Naturally I want to be able to limit the data that is returned to the
> barest minimum required for the querying service.
> I looked at the rwm overlay (slapo-rwm) and think I should be able to
> do:
> overlay rwm
> rwm-rewriteEngine on
> rwm-map attribute       displayName             displayName
> rwm-map attribute       *
> So that ONLY the displayName gets shown on the output and the rest of
> the data is filtered out.
> This does not seem to be working though and I am at the point where I
> have no idea why.  Does anyone have any suggestions that may help?
> Thanks
> Paul

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