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Re: Suitability of LDAP as DNS backend - PowerDNS LDAP backend moving to unmaintained status

On 3/5/2011 12:57 ÎÎ, Torsten Schlabach (Tascel eG) wrote:

If PowerDNS really is so much faster and so much more lightweight (i.e. I
have to install only what I need; something which always concerned be a bit
when it comes to BIND) then it may indeed be worthwhile to look at. Just me
personally our our organization, I cannot promise any real time budget for
that right now.

To provide an update on this, PowerDNS development leader (Bert Hubert) has just now posted this message re. LDAP backend in PowerDNS:

   "We've had one request from a company what the cost would be, we made an
   estimate of around 3500 euros to fix up the LDAP backend bugs and
   support it
   for the coming years.

   This is probably beyond the 'have some people donate' amount, but for a
   company that depends on LDAP, it should be quite doable."