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Re: Suitability of LDAP as DNS backend - PowerDNS LDAP backend moving to unmaintained status

On 3/5/2011 12:57 ÎÎ, Torsten Schlabach (Tascel eG) wrote:

One question which I guess *does* belong here is what the plans for BIND
10 with regards to LDAP storage are. Maybe some active contribution may be
even useful. I think they are also heavily preparing for the long awaited
future called IPv6. I am not sure how well BIND 9 with DLZ and / or
PowerDNS perform for IPv6 right now, especially thinking about the schema.

IPv6 in PowerDNS works fine (we are actively using it in our networks: PowerDNS binds to IPv4/IPv6 addresses alike, and it replies to IPv6 queries) but I don't have performance data. I don't know about BIND9 with DLZ or SDB.

PowerDNS Authoritative Server v3.0 (now RC2) will also include DNSSEC (but not for the LDAP backend, unfortunately.
See: http://powerdnssec.org/

BIND10 is still 3 years away.