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Re: help with smbk5pwd-enable

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> Hi,
> I have recently upgraded the openldap and now it doen't start it stops
> saying that
> unknown directive <smbk5pwd-enable> inside backend database definition
> It has been working fine untill the upgrade.

What versions did you have installed when it was working?

> I am using heimdal and
> openldap on mandriva. Following are the details of those packages.
> openldap-smbk5pwd- 2.4.21-3mdv2010.1
> openldap-servers- 2.4.22-2.2mdv2010.2

Where is the bug report (hint: https://qa.mandriva.com)? Vendor-specific issues belong on vendor-specific support platforms ...

Most likely openldap-smbk5pwd needs a rebuild, but I would like to know the cause of the failure (e.g. whether the security update from 2.4.22-2mdv to 2.4.22-2.2mdv broke it, or whether it was broken on 2.4.22-2mdv as well) as that will determine how easy it will be to prevent this in future.