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Re:Alternate target for slapd-meta ?

> Did you read slapd-meta about the uri directive:
> "the directive
> suffix "dc=foo,dc=com"
> uri "ldap://l1.foo.com/dc=foo,dc=com";; "ldap://l2.foo.com/";;
> causes l2.foo.com to be contacted whenever l1.foo.com does not
> respond. In that case, the URI list is internally rearranged,
> by moving unavailable URIs to the end, so that further connec-
> tion attempts occur with respect to the last URI that succeeded."
> Or is this not, what you mean?

Thank you very much for your reply, I read it but too quickliy, and I missed this possibility. 

However, my need is that the first URI remains the prefered one. As soon as it become available again, I'd like to switch back to l1.foo.com. Unfortunately, I guess that the current behaviour is to keep using l2.foo.com until it become unavailable too ?

Do you confirm this behaviour ?


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