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Re: Alternate target for slapd-meta ?


michel.gruau schrieb am 02.05.2011 11:34 Uhr:

I implemented a slapd-meta configuration with several backend directories.
I would like to know whether slapd-meta is capable to switch requests to an  alternate target  when a given target is unavailable. Reading all the documentation, I have the feeling this is not possible but I would like to be sure.
Did you read slapd-meta about the uri directive:

"the directive
       suffix "dc=foo,dc=com"
       uri    "ldap://l1.foo.com/dc=foo,dc=com"; "ldap://l2.foo.com/";
causes  l2.foo.com  to be contacted whenever l1.foo.com does not
respond.  In that case, the URI list is  internally  rearranged,
by  moving  unavailable URIs to the end, so that further connec-
tion attempts occur with respect to the last URI that succeeded."

Or is this not, what you mean?