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Re: Poor performance on Solaris

Keep in mind that gcc on slowaris is 32 bit, and not very well optimised by default. Linux on a 64 bit linux platform usually compiles as 64 bit, slowaris by default will be 32 bit if you use the onboard gcc compiler.

Using the compiler from sun studio (since v11 now free) helps quite alot but openldap/bdb configure wont use the correct compiler options by default either.


On 25/02/2011, at 12:53 AM, <Juergen.Sprenger@swisscom.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> we had some performance issues on our ldap servers running Solaris 10 sparc.
> I did some tests using slamd http://www.slamd.com/ and got disturbing results:
> ldap-service: OpenLDAP 2.4.23, setup identical on both boxes, threads=64, identical content.
> box1: 
> hardware: Sun Microsystems  sun4v SPARC Enterprise T5120
> memory:32 GB RAM
> os: Solaris 10 s10s_u9wos_14a
> searches (avg/second): 1521
> box2:
> hardware: AMD 64 phenom 9850
> memory: 8 GB RAM
> os: Linux dsv00000 #1 SMP Mon Dec 27 10:09:29 CET 2010 x86_64 AMD Phenom(tm) 9850 Quad-Core Processor AuthenticAMD GNU/Linux
> searches (avg/second): 22968
> I am looking for some hints to improve performance on box1 to a similar level as on box2 or an explanation why on box1 performance is so bad.
> As slapd.conf, ldap.conf and DB_CONFIG are identical there should not be such a big gap in performance.
> Juergen Sprenger