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Re: merging local and remote attributes

Hugo Monteiro wrote:
Hello list,

I have been trying to use translucent overlay to merge attributes
between a remote and a local server (both 2.4.23).

  From the slapo-translucent man page i read:

"Attributes may be specified as both local and remote if desired."


"In any case, both the local and remote entries corresponding to a
search result will be merged before being returned to the client."

The thing is that if i specify an attribute (objectclass) to be both
local and remote, i can only get/search for the local entries. Choosing
either separately will work as advertised though.

Again, i ask if this is a bug, a subtlety i have missed or this is not
supposed to work with objectClass attribute?

Re-read the manpage. 1st paragraph.

	"Entries  retrieved
       from  a  remote LDAP server may have some or all attributes overridden,
       or new attributes added, by entries in the local database before  being
       presented to the client."

This overlay does not merge attributes, it replaces them.

  -- Howard Chu
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