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Re: BDB performance issue

I was not certain abt what info to put so I've given below all the info that I could gather. Kindly tell me if you require anything else.

openldap = symas-openldap-silver-2.4-12.1
bdb = bundled with symas ( 4.6 )

configuration in slapd.conf
cachesize       427275
idlcachesize    427275
(there are approx 427275 entries in the db so i've that as the cachesize.)
threads 2
(this is a server which has web applications also running. so we have reduced openldap threads to 2.)
sizelimit       1000
checkpoint      10240 10
lastmod         on
idletimeout     120
timelimit       360
gentlehup       on

set_cachesize  0  1985642496  1
(The total size of all .bdb files is 1813643264 bytes)

cat /proc/cpuinfo shows 7 cpus.
It has 4gb ram and 8gb swap.

Thanks and Regards,


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--On Friday, February 18, 2011 7:00 AM +0000 Amol Kulkarni 
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> Hi All, 
>  I'm a newbie with bdb - and I have a server not performing well - 
> openldap shows high cpu usage and iowait of server is high. So I got 
> stats of bdb but I'm not sure what to make out of it.  With help of 
> google I could see that the basic parameters like requested pages and 
> locks are ok. But there are other parameters which are suspect. 
>  The output of db_stat -c is as follows : 

> Are the lines in red really prbs or just side effects ? How do I go abt 
> it ? 

Yes, those are definitely issues that need addressing.  Unfortunately, you 
don't really provide any useful information that would help with resolving 
it.  You also completely fail to note: 

OpenLDAP version 
BDB version 



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