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RE: Logging to syslog

Please reply to all (include the thread).

If you lack a slapd.conf (or slapd.d) it sounds like you're NOT working on an ldap server, but rather a client.

In that case, you'd check /var/log/security, etc - where the tools you're using log (like ssh, pam, etc).

If there's a slapd.d dir, then you'd need to use ldapmodify to add the loglevel to your config.

To get those logs to syslog, you'd need to add to syslog.conf:
        # Log Openldap stuff (ldap servers only)
        local4.*   -/var/log/openldap

- chris

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On 2/2/2011 9:01 PM, Chris Jacobs wrote:
> John,
> Are you attempting to log on a client?
> - chris
Hi Chris -

I don't understand your question - in what context are you talking about?


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