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slapadd: could not add entry dn="cn=plc1, ou=groups, dc=orleans-tours, dc=iufm, dc=fr" (line=53343): txn_aborted! Internal error (80)

Hi everyone

I met some difficulties to import ldif to my ldap
On the old LDAP I did
[root@luz ~]# /etc/init.d/crond stop
Ce qui donne
Arrêt de crond :                                           [  OK  ]

[root@luz ~]# /etc/init.d/ldap stop
Ce qui donne
Arrêt de slapd :                                           [  OK  ]

After that I did

And after [root@luz ~]# slapcat > /root/sauvegarde_luz_new.ldif

I uploaded on the new server
And I did that
luz:~/setup# slapadd -l sauvegarde_luz_new.ldif
bdb(dc=orleans-tours,dc=iufm,dc=fr): Lock table is out of available locks
=> bdb_idl_insert_key: c_get failed: Cannot allocate memory (12)
=> bdb_tool_entry_put: index_entry_add failed: Internal error (80)
=> bdb_tool_entry_put: txn_aborted! Internal error (80)
slapadd: could not add entry
dn="cn=plc1,ou=groups,dc=orleans-tours,dc=iufm,dc=fr" (line=53343):
txn_aborted! Internal error (80)
Someone can tell me what does this message mean? I don't understand this
message error then I don't know what should I do.


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