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Re: Attribute Aliasing

Russell Harmon wrote:
On Tue, Oct 26, 2010 at 22:37, Dieter Kluenter<dieter@dkluenter.de>  wrote:
Russell Harmon<russ@eatnumber1.com>  writes:

I'm trying to reconfigure my existing OpenLDAP server to expose
personal information under multiple attributes. I'm doing this so that
both Apple's contact application and my custom software will work.
I've read about rwm-map in slapo-rwm, but although it makes the new
attribute accessible, it hides the old one. I need both the new and
old to be accessible.

For example:
I have an existing attribute for a cellular phone number "cellPhone".
I want to make this accessible under both the attributes "cellPhone"
and "mobile"

Is this possible with OpenLDAP?

either include the evolution.schema or create your own schema and define
mobileTelephoneNumber superior to cellPhone.

That seems to work only so far as searching for the attribute "mobile"
will return the attribute "cellPhone". I need it to return the data in
the attribute "cellPhone" as the attribute "mobile".

1) fix your custom software to use configurable schema, and configure it to use the same as Apple's.


2) use back-relay, and point your software at one database and the Apple software at the other database, and rewrite as appropriate for each app.

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