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Re: uniqueMember attribute is not suffixmassaged if attribute is not mapped and changed

Arvo Jari-Pekka wrote:

My configuration is like this:


database meta
suffix   "ou=a,dc=c,dc=b"

uri           "ldap://host:port/ou=a,dc=c,dc=b";
suffixmassage "ou=a,dc=c,dc=b" "dc=a,dc=b"



This works fine in everything else but the uniqueMembers of groupOfUniqueNames gets not rewritten (they are still in dc=a,dc=b domain).

If I however add a mapping


map             objectClass groupOfNames groupOfUniqueNames
map             attribute member uniqueMember


then the "member" attributes are correctly rewritten. The problem of course is that I do not want to change the objectclass.

Mapping the attribute to itself does not help either. So


map objectClass groupOfUniqueNames *
map attribute uniqueMember *


does not have any effect.

I must have missed something crucial on the documentation. Can someone please tell me what it is and how can I get uniqueMembers rewritten without changing the objectclass.

OpenLDAP version is 2.4.11 for both the real and the meta server.

uniqueMember does not have DN syntax; only attributes with DN syntax are mapped. You should have used groupOfNames/member instead of groupOfUniqueNames/uniqueMember.