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AIX as openldap client


Some time ago, I configured an ubuntu intrepid as openldap server and I was 
able to use it as authentication server for AIX  6.1.

I tried the same with an ubuntu maverick server, but I can not get it working 
anymore.  I can see all the user information on the AIX server.  I can do 'su 
- <user>' to become the user.  But I can not login so I think there is a 
problem with the password.
When I change the password of a user on the AIX server, I get these errors in 
the logfile on the openldap server:

Oct 26 20:44:12 ldap1 slapd[28664]: Entry (uid=xxx,ou=people,dc=xxx,dc=xxx), 
attribute 'shadowLastChange' not allowed
Oct 26 20:44:12 ldap1 slapd[28664]: entry failed schema check: attribute 
'shadowLastChange' not allowed

Is this important?

The intrepid has version 2.4.11-0ubuntu6.2, the maverick has version 

I didn't noted down what I did on the intrepid server, but I can remember that 
it asked a bunch of questions when I installed slapd.  These initial steps are 
removed from the maverick version.  I also remember using the ldapinit 

How can I debug the difference between these 2 versions?
Using slapcat, I can see some differeces, but nothing that is important in my 

How can I debug the openldap server to see what's going on?

I can use the openldap server on a linux ldap client without problems.


PS I also tried to post this message to openldap-software@openldap.org, but I 
got a 'Delivery status notification' saying that the user does not exist.