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Re: LDAP Schema Changes During Replication

Anton Chu wrote:
> I've setup a basic consumer,provider model replication.  I've added a
> new schema eduPerson to my provider server and now the consumer server
> cannot replicate.  Here's the error I'm getting on my consumer server:
> Oct 21 22:32:08 webtest110 slapd[31984]: slapd starting
> Oct 21 22:32:08 webtest110 slapd[31984]: syncrepl_message_to_op: rid=000
> mods check (objectClass: value #3 invalid per syntax)
> Oct 21 22:32:08 webtest110 slapd[31984]: do_syncrepl: rid=000 rc 21 retrying
> I have delete the eduPerson schema on my provider server, deleted the
> person (uid=jim) using those attributes in my DIT , and restarted the
> slapd process on both server but error still persists. 

Did you add the new schema also on the consumer? You should unless you're
using dynamic configuration and you've set up to also replicate the schema.

Ciao, Michael.