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Re: quick-start guide out-of-date

On Tuesday, 19 October 2010 16:17:18 Anders Geffen wrote:
> I'm just getting started with OpenLDAP and I've just hit my first roadblock
> - the quickstart guide
> (http://www.openldap.org/doc/admin24/quickstart.html) refers to a
> slapd.conf file which is nowhere to be found on my system.

The fact that you don't have one on your system doesn't mean it isn't provided 
by the project:

(and, note, it is installed by default, see the 'install-conf' rule in 

> A bit of
> research revealed that slapd.conf has been deprecated.

slapd.conf(5) has one occurrence of the word 'deprecated', in relation to 
'authz-policy any'. slapd-config(5) doesn't make any such statement.

I haven't seen any official communication about deprecation (even though 
Quanah has made statements on this list).

> Is there a
> quick-start guide anywhere that is up-to-date with this change?

Assuming you didn't install from source, consult whoever provided you with 
OpenLDAP without a slapd.conf.