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Re: Sometimes getent missing users

Le 20/10/2010 12:42, Benjamin Griese a écrit :
does paging in this context refer to a caching mechanism?
Even the man pages says paging, could be paging like less/more. :)

"Paging" is getting search results page by page. Using a page size of 1000, an LDAP client would request a search, and receive the first 1000 results, and a "cookie". After having handled the first 1000 results, the LDAP client can then contact the server again, sending the cookie, and will then receive the next 1000 results, and so on.

You could compare it to using MySQL's "LIMIT" keyword in SQL requests, if that means anything to you.

That's the short and simple version, the full version is RFC 2696: http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc2696

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