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Re: How to configure overlay unique in cn=config

Hey buddy,

if you use Apache Directory Studio amongst other things for configuring overlays, it automatically gets you the right dependencies if you choose for example OC "olcUnique", you need also need to have OC "olcOverlay" and so on, ADS automatically sets it for you in a wizard like process. Doing that without that tool was really a PITA, especially if are not that familiar with the whole package of different types of classes and schema dependencies.

Give it a try, ADS made my life as LDAP-Admin a whole lot of easier.



PS: sounds like I am a PR agent for apache. :/

2010/10/14 Jarek <jarek@poczta.srv.pl>

Dnia 2010-10-14, czw o godzinie 16:31 -0300, Diego Lima pisze:
> I'd guess you haven't loaded the "unique" module before adding the
> overlay. Try adding this LDIF:

Thanks for the answer.
After playing a lot, I've found that it works only when both module and
overlay is configured in files in /etc/ldap/slap.d/...

(I'm using slapd 2.4.23, from Debian/Sid)

For now it is enough for me, because I don't want to dynamically set
uniqueness, but anyway documentation is not clear how it should be.

best regards

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