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Re: Question about openldap and Outlook

You need to map all the ldap attributes to names outlook understands, as you do the attributes will appear in outlook.

Outlook understands it's own arbitrary LDAP schema (ActiveDirectory schema) which varies based on the version of outlook..

I'd have a meta backend or overlay, mapped to your real directory. Only point outlook address books to the meta-ed version and then you wont break existing apps.


On 08/10/2010, at 7:27 AM, David Díaz Díaz <sir_ddd@hotmail.com> wrote:

>  Hello All,
> I'm not sure if this list is the appropiate place to make a question about ldap & outlook, in case not, please let me know. I'm newbie with Open Ldap, I'm using it with qmail and vpopmail (my mailserver) and I can access to my LDAP book address using outlook, I can search users and everithing works fine, but the only issue that I had is when I tried to display info for any group; let me explain, I can see the group, outlook identify it, but when I tried to see the members of that group, the outlook doesn't display any info, instead of members, the outlook display the records as another member... 
> I was looking on a lot websites info about my issue, but I couldn't find anything... any idea?
> Saludos! 
> davidiaz