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Replication server won't update from provider after moving it?

Openldap experts,

I am currently running openldap 2.3.43 on a RedHat 5.5 system.  I recently had to move one of my replication ldap servers to another box.  After doing so, it won?t update from the provider any more.   I had simply done a slapcat of the provider?s db into a ldif file and then slapadd it into the replication server.  It runs fine and looks up data, but it won?t update any changes from the provider.  I have a second replication server which works just fine with updates from the provider.  So I am pretty sure the problem is with this replication server.  I restored the configurations exactly as I had it previously when it was working.  What might I be doing wrong?  Does this suggest that I might have a permissions problem or perhaps a corrupt database?  I can?t seem to find a permission difference between my two replications servers.  Is it acceptable to simply do a slapadd ?l filename.ldif or should I include other parameters when adding in the files from scratch?   Note: the only file that exists in the ldap database directory is the DBCONFIG file when restoring the ldif.

Below is a part of my syncrepl config in slapd.conf in case that helps.


syncrepl rid=102













I must be missing something.  Any advice?


Tim Tyler

Network Engineer

Beloit College