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Re: Recommended approach for LDAP as backend for virtual domain mail hosting?

--On Monday, October 04, 2010 8:47 PM +0200 Andreas Ntaflos <daff@pseudoterminal.org> wrote:


I will probably also post this to the Postfix mailing list but it is
fundamentally an (Open)LDAP question so here goes:

Short version: What is a recommended way to set up virtual mail hosting
based on OpenLDAP? I.e. providing mail and authentication services, like
SMTP and IMAP, using Postfix and Dovecot, for multiple *independent
domains* such as example.net, example.org, example.com?

Use the empty base "", and create each domain (example.net, example.org, example.com), etc with users in each. They will all be distinct from each other.



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