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Fine Grained Permission System

Hi everyone, I am kind of a newbie in OpenLDAP and LDAP in general, and I really need your help, I have been looking for a fine grained permission system to a project that I am in now, but could not find anything that satifies me.

I have multiple applications that will authenticate using LDAP, but I also want to control user access in each application. I want to be able to allow specific acces to an element in one application.

Examples :

For database, I would like to assign read permissions to one or more database for one user.
For a bulletin board, users can only post in some specifec boards.
For a FTP server, users can only access specific directories.

In first place is it realistic ?
Do you know a way to do this only with LDAP ? (if yes, could you show me a manual or guide)
Do you know some piece of software that could help me ?

Thanks in advance,