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Re: Openldap2.4.16 performance issue

On 23/08/10 14:13 -0400, William E Jojo wrote:
Hi Dieter,

Could you kindly explain what this means? I've been all over the inter-webs and I'm not finding anything concrete about OpenLDAP and VM's or Databases and VM's in general. The closest I came was about some database latency studies and some VMware propaganda.

We are about to launch a master and two replicas (utilizing delta-syncrepl) running in Ubuntu 10.04 on a VMware VSphere ESXi 4.0 cluster with four IBM x3650-M2's (2 Quad Nahalem and 64GB memory each) with virtual disks carved from NFS mounts to all of the VSphere servers in the cluster to facilitate HA and FT - by the VMware book.

I think NFS is a red flag here. To what extent to you use NFS in your
setup? Do you store any berkeley files on an NFS mount?

If so, you should carefully research the mixing of the two. The Berkeley
documentation discusses it:


Dan White