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Re: multi / standby master: incomplete replication after downtime (?)

Am 18.08.2010 17:16, schrieb Rein Tollevik:
On 08/18/2010 04:28 PM, Elmar Marschke wrote:

Here's the logfile of MASTER:
Aug 18 15:30:04 ldapmaster slapd[8017]: slap_queue_csn: queing
0x7f00f317b580 20100818133004.663851Z#000000#000#000000

Your ServerID setting is incorrect, and you are using the default
ServerID=0 on both systems.  The ServerID is included in the csn value,
the second to last number (#000# here).  Ensure that the ServerID URL is
the exact hostname of the systems it runs on, or that slapd is able to
select the correct sid based on its -h listener argument.

Start slapd with -d config and verify that both logs lines with
differing SID= values.


hey folks,
thanks a lot; hope is coming back ;)
Unfortunately i'll be out of office from now on until 25th august, because of relocation. My testservers in the office are already switched off, and i'm at home already. So i can't check anything right now.. But /etc/hosts should be correct on both systems; i've written the names in there. I'd be glad to come back to you next wednesday ..:)
best regards