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Maximum ldap search filter string length ?

Hello openldap-technical ML.

Is there a clear answer to the question about the
maximum ldap search filter length ?

Dit hava a look at the ldapsearch code (2.4.19) and all seems dynamicaly allocated, and therefore no hard/fixed limit.

ldap_search_ext/ldap_search (manpage) doesn't talk about limits too.
filter is about: RFC 4515 as extended by RFC 4526, but doesn't mention maximum size as far i read.

That leaves me to the conclusion that the filter size is dependent on archite4cture (32/64 bits), available memory systemwide, and available memory within a proces.

Can someone confirm or deny this is correct, and perhaps is there a (rough) guide/best practice about max filter string length's ?

Thanks in Advance,

Arjan Filius