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Re: replication from child to Parent domain

However, the method of different search for different node is not effective.
In my configuration of parent CA,
syncrepl rid=001
         searchbase = "dc=sonCA,dc=parentCA,dc=rootCA"
I believe the reason is the two nodes have not the same DIT. Maybe syncrepl could not support it.


On Mon, Aug 16, 2010 at 5:14 PM, Marc Patermann <hans.moser@ofd-z.niedersachsen.de> wrote:


owen nirvana schrieb am 13.08.2010 20:02 Uhr:

> I means how to config replication in a multi-level LDAP nodes. like the
> following
> the parent node is has a domain "dc=parentCA, dc=rootCA", and under this
> domain, many users were saved with dn like "cn=john,
> ou=sales,dc=parentCA, dc=rootCA"
> it has some sons nodes,like "dc=son1CA,dc=parentCA, dc=rootCA" and like
> its parent,users were saved with dn like "cn=john,
> ou=sales,dc=son1CA,dc=parentCA, dc=rootCA"
> Now, I hope parent node could saved data from sons node, so I try to
> config replication between the two nodes to make parent node could pull
> data from son node. However, it seems like the current replication
> solution was designed between the same nodes with the same domain, I
> don't know how to implement replcation between the different level nodes
So your consumer has a superset of data from (various) providers!?

I think, it should be fine to define a database for each provider/subset
of data on the consumer and define different syncrepl statements for
each database (it may work in one database with different "searchbase"s
und "rid"s).