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Re: Webmin LDAP User Module Don't Wor


Check the upgrade docs for webmin - perhaps the manager/root dn password needs entering again?

Conversely, use the command line ldap tools and see if you can bind, modify, etc, as the use Webmin is using.

But Quanah's on track, i.e.:
* Thing X and Thing Y have been working.
* Upgrade Thing Y to Y.1
* Thing X and Thing Y.1 don't work.
Problem is either going to be:
* Thing Y.1 (most likely)
* Exposed bug in Thing X - but we have no information to suggest that (logs, errors from Thing X might help).

If someone else had the same problem, the solution would most likely be found in Thing Y.1's forums, etc.

Good luck!
- chris

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--On Wednesday, August 04, 2010 9:54 AM +0200 Andrea Minardi
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> Webmin's LDAP Users and Groups module stopped working after upgrading
> from Webmin 1.400 to webmin 1.510

Then I suggest you contact whomever the author of webmin is?  Not really
sure how this is relevant to OpenLDAP.



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