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Re: Kerberos userpassword storage

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Im attempting to use Kerberos as a password storage backend in my ldap server.

I have the server setup with its own principal of the form ldap/domainname@REALM , and this keytab is in the KRB5_KTNAME environment variable as slapd starts.

I have put olcSaslRealm=REALM and olcSaslHost=kdc.domain into my cn=config.

Then, i have uid=user, where the userPassword attribute is {KERBEROS}user@REALM

Who told you to do that? There is no such password scheme in any OpenLDAP documentation.

When attempting to bind to this user, it seems to fail. When i reset the password to a standard SSHA hash, it authenticates correctly. I can authenticate with kerberos to the host that the ldap enabled client, but i just cannot use ldap with the kerberos password backend.

Any help in solving what else i need to do in this would be greatly appreciated

William Brown


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