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Query: simple authenticated bind request


I am trying to setup OpenLDAP client with user/password authenticated
bind to authenticate against an OpenLDAP server.

This is how my /etc/ldap.conf look like

host     xx.xx.xx.xx
base    dc=my_comp,dc=com
bind_policy     soft
pam_lookup_policy       yes
pam_password    exop
nss_initgroups_ignoreusers      root,ldap
nss_schema      rfc2307bis
nss_map_attribute       uniqueMember member
ldap_version    3
pam_filter      objectClass=posixAccount
tls_checkpeer   no
#ssl on
ssl no
binddn  cn=Administrator,dc=my_comp,dc=com  <============ I am giving
the root DN
bindpw  Administrator
scope   sub

If I give the root DN, it works, But, if I give a non-root DN in
binddn, I get "invalid credentials (49)" error.

Does OpenLDAP server always require root DN for binding ?.

Is there a way to provide non-root DN for binddn ?