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DIT entry layout - multiple mail fields, mutiple mailboxes.

 Is it possible to have an user entry with multiple "mail" fields
mapping to multiple mailboxes (or mailroutingaddress, or something
similar)? What I want is to group together "mail" field and
"mailroutingaddress"(or maildrop) below an user entry (by "user entry"
I mean a DN with obj. classes like inetorgperson, eduperson,
postfixuser, etc):

- "userdn"
-- attr foo
-- attr bar
-- obj class xyz
-- obj class abc
-- "some sort of container"
--- mail field
--- "mail destination" field
-- "another container"
--- mail field 2
--- "mail destination" field 2

Note that lines with 3 "-"'s are children of lines with 2 "-"'s. However, if there is another way to accomplish this without "child" entries or "containers", please tell me.


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