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Re: How to let users change their passwords?

On Friday, 23 July 2010 21:49:36 Steven Truong wrote:
> Dear, all.  I have been searching low and high for a tool that can let
> users to change their passwords in 389 DS or OpenLDAP?  I think there
> is a real need for such a tool and I hope that people already wrote
> such a tool...
> Please share your ways of how you allow your users to change their
> passwords or other setup/architecture that allow this function.
> Beside that, I also recommend Apache Studio as a great tool to work
> with LDAP servers.....
> Thank you in advance.

For users who don't authenticate via PAM or similar, I wrote a simple perl CGI 
(which supports ppolicy):


I use it in conjunction with a script to notify users of their impending 
password expiry:


They share config files, but you can use the first without the 2nd.

I have only used it against OpenLDAP so far, but I might need to add support 
for AD soon ...