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slappasswd2.4 output issue


I'm writing a script to help my fellow admins automatically creates user accounts in OpenLDAP 2.4. Can provide copy of script if you would like it.

The issue I have is encrypting the plain text word into passwd format, I found the very helpful slappasswd2.4 which seems to work so I put it into my script:

echo $NEWPASS > /tmp/newpass
chmod 400 /tmp/newpass
slappasswd2.4 -h {crypt} -T /tmp/newpass > /tmp/passenc
chmod 400 /tmp/passenc
EPASS=`cat /tmp/passenc`

It creates an entry in the passenc file which looks like this:


But when i use this as a variable to the 'userpassword:' attribute then try to compare passwds within phpLDAPadmin it fails.

Any hints would be appreciated.



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