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Re: ldap_new_connection() mutex issue

masarati@aero.polimi.it writes:
> ldap_new_connection(), if ( connect ) and lconn_server->lud_exts contain
> the tls ext, first unlocks and then re-locks ld_req_mutex and
> ld_res_mutex.  As far as I understand, while the former is actually held
> by the caller(s) of ldap_new_connection(), the latter is not.  If this
> analysis is correct, I'll post an ITS.

It is only relevant when the 'connect' argument is != 0: In
request.c:ldap_send_server_request() and open.c:ldap_open_defconn().

ldap_result() locks ldap_res_mutex, which is one road to the first
case.  Hopefully all roads do something similar, I haven't checked.

However, open.c doesn't lock either mutex:
  /* Caller should hold the req_mutex if simultaneous accesses are possible */
  int ldap_open_defconn( LDAP *ld )
Looks like the "if" in the comment at best should have listed some more
cases, to avoid code paths into using these mutexes.