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Re: How to check LDAP replication status?

How we do it:
slapcat | sort | md5sum

(Sort is necessary as slapcat outputs don't get dumped in any particular order.)

We've a script written around that and it's checked every 5 minutes by our nagios server - checking mirror masters against master VIP (VIP is on load balancer, configures for active/passive fail over)  other and slaves against master VIP.

Caveat: we've only a 1000 entries or so... This may not be efficient for larger dbs - as I'm sure some might bring that up.

Try it: see if it takes too long or spikes the cpu too much.

- chris

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Hello all.

I have one master LDAP and many slaves.
I want to check what replication to slaves are ok - how can I do it?

Best regards,
Proskurin Kirill

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