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Re: back-sql caching

Hi Frederik!

Could you try a commit; after each SQL statement?

Best Regards

2010/7/19 Frederik Bosch <frederik.bosch@gmail.com>

With BackSQL I am trying to make my SQL data available for LDAP purposes. Setup went OK, server starts and my data is available. I have one problem. Modifications in the SQL data do not seem to be executed until I restart slapd. As if the SQL data is cached.

My setup uses openldap_2.4.11-1+lenny1 which I recompiled using debuild to enable backsql. My sqlserver is MySQL 5.0.5.

So, starting slapd won't generate any errors or problems. When I delete or modify a row - with an other interface (directly accessing the SQL server) then LDAP - slapd does not seem to notify the changes. By enabling query logging for MySQL I found out that it actually executes a new SQL statement. So the problem seems to take place when the resultset is processed.

Inserting a new row to ldap_entries gives exactly the same problem. It is not found until the slapd is restarted. When I started slapd with -d 16383 I found the line <==backsql_oc_get_candidates(): 0 which confirms my problem in this case.

Annoyingly, restarting the server solves the problem (temporarily). The data modifications are found and the correct tree is available. In order to maintain correct data I could restart slapd each 5 minutes, but I think such a solution should be avoided in any case.

Does anyone have a suggestion what could be wrong with my setup?
Thanks in advance.

Frederik Bosch

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